At Shubbak Festival 2015: The Rise of Arabic Literature in English?

If you’re in London, or can get there, synchronize your calendar with these events — revealed yesterday — which are running July 11-25 in the city’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture:

shubbakThe Shubbak Festival, founded in 2011, ran again in 2013, and will see its third iteration this summer. Two years ago, festival organizers say, Shubbak “presented over 55 events, spread across 42 venues, attracting an audience of over 50,000 people.”

This year aims to be even bigger, with more than 60 events spread out across London over the course of the two-week festival.

Literary events range widely, with high-profile novelists (a few: Samar Yazbek, Sinan Antoon, Ahmed Saadawi, Atef Abu Saif, Ali al-Muqri, and the two headliners, Hoda Barakat and Elias Khoury), poets like Antoon, Choman Hardi, Mourid Barghouti, Ghareeb Iskander, as well as scholars, translators, and others.

There will also be a range of genres. The festival will host a discussion of Arabic science fiction similar to those showcased at LonCon 3 and the 2013 and 2014 Nour Festivals, as well as a children’s-literature workshop, a talk on experimental forms, and engagements with graphic novelling.

If you’re over 12, you certainly won’t want to miss out on a workshop with Lebanese artist Lena Merhej, author of Another Year and Yogurt and Jam, or How My Mom Became Lebanese, where you can experiment with making a bilingual comic.

There is also an event called “The Rise of Arabic Literature in English?“, with its skeptical question mark, at which I will be speaking. Indeed, there are five of us, and it’s not clear how everyone will get a word in.

In any case, if you can make it, you should. To properly synchronize your calendar, see the whole listing of this year’s events at


  1. I have incorporated a good deal of Arab literature in my English writings: essays, researches and books; so, if you wish to receive a list of my works, just write me: and I will be glad to oblige.

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  3. I wonder if you have any material about my absolute favorite Arab writer, Abdul Rahman Munif, who wrote the ‘Cities of Salt’ trilogy? I only read English, and these novels were translated a long time ago. The trilogy moved me to such an extent that he is one of my very favorite writers.

      1. Thank you for the excellent article on Abdul Rahman Munif as well as the article by Peter Theroux responding to Updike.
        I doubt anyone gave a clearer picture of what the discovery of oil meant to the people of Saudi Arabia than Munif did in the first two volumes of the Cities of Salt trilogy. I can see why the Saudi government took away his citizenship, because he was telling the hard truth about a disgusting situation. Isn’t that what a novelist is supposed to do?
        It is a real shame that not all of the work by one of the great modern novelists has yet been translated into English. My opinion of John Updike goes way down, although I wasn’t much enamored of Updike’s fiction before. John Updike could only wish to write as strong novels as Abdul Rahman Munif. I do like Mahfouz but he is not in the same league as Munif when it comes to writing powerful novels.
        Peter Theroux’s translations of the first two Cities of Salt novels must have been excellent, because these novels have had a profound impact on my life.
        Perhaps you could give me the names of other great Arabic novels along the lines of Cities of Salt that have been translated?

        1. Along the lines of which aspect/s of Cities of Salt? It’s world-building, its socio-political insight, its epic scope?

          1. I was particularly impressed with Munif’s social-political insight. I’d like to find other good Arab novels that may have gotten their writers in trouble with the political leadership.

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