Inside the Sausage Factory: Translating ‘The Virtues of the Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal’

When Michael Cooperson made his presentation at the Library of Arabic Literature’s April workshop at All Souls in Oxford, it was unusual in that he remained largely silent:

You can listen in on all the panels, through audio recently posted by LAL. But since Cooperson’s presentation was largely silent (although punctuated by laughter), you’ll need the assistance of the gallery of slides below.

Instead of talking about his translation, Cooperson — editor and translator of Virtues of the Imām Aḥmad ibn Ḥanbal by Ibn al-Jawzī — walks us through his process.


Cooperson discusses his translation: ‘As Detailed a Picture of Ibn Hanbal’s World as We’re Likely to Get’

The audio recordings of the April workshop:

“Welcome Remarks & Remembering the Corpus”—Session 1Session 2Session 3

“Editing the Corpus”—Session 4

“Translating the Corpus”—Session 5

“Reading the Corpus”—Session 6