Free Word Calls for New Translator in Residence

The London-based Free Word is looking for a Translator in Residence for a twelve-month position:

This is where you'd be based.
This is where you’d be based.

Translators-in-residence — who in the past have included Arabic-English translator Alice Guthrie — do a variety of things at Free Word, including online translations, talks, school events, and community workshops.

This residency is set to run from Sept., 2015 – Sept. 2016.

According to the Free Word website, the program has three aims, which the translator-in-residence will work to address:

• to support the professional development of literary translators as artists and broaden their skill set
• to break down cultural and language barriers and promote multi-cultural understanding through translated literature and dialogue
• to get more people to read more literature in translation

Those who want to apply should download the role profile as well as the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form and follow the application details within. The application deadline is 5:00pm on Sunday July 12, and interviews will be held at the Free Word Centre on Thursday, July 23.