EdArabFest 2015 to Host ‘First-ever Readathon of Works by an Arab Author’

It’s unclear how you’d be sure yours was the “1st ever Readathon of works by an Arab author,” but the 2015 Edinburgh Arab Festival, part of this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, will feature hours and hours of reading Zakaria Tamer:

tamerAccording to organizers, “Every hour during the EdArabFest there will be on-the-spot readings (in English) of short stories by Zakaria Tamer,” one of the ground-breaking practitioners of the modern Arabic short story.

Readings of the Syrian author’s will be done by festival participants — anyone who wants to sign up for a Tamer story just needs go to the Literature Exhibition on August 28. The first two readers to sign up for each slot will be given a free copy of Banipal 53with its focus on Tamer.

The readathon will go on from noon to 6 p.m. on the 28th, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the 29th.

Banipal 53:

A review – Zakaria Tamer, Practicing ‘The Most Difficult Form of Literary Expression’

The issue – Table of Contents

Other interviews

2012: A Dialogue with Zakaria Tamer, by Ziad Majed


Silent Ones,” Zakaria Tamer, trans. Ibrahim Muhawi

Five Texts by Zakaria Tamer, trans. Marilyn Hacker

“For Every Fox, An End”: By Zakariya Tamer, trans. Robert J. Farley

Stories from “The Hedgehog,” Zakariya Tamer, trans. Marilyn Hacker