Hassan Blasim’s First Play To Open in March 2016

Finland’s Theatre Telakka is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary with Iraqi short-story writer Hassan Blasim’s debut play:

Digital_Hats_Game_slider_990x1395_3-1819x2562-341x480Although Blasim’s short story “The Nightmare of Carlos Fuentes” was adapted for the stage, “Digital Hats Game” is his first work written originally for the theatre. Blasim, who moved to Finland in 2004, is author of two acclaimed short-story collections, Madman of Freedom Square and The Iraqi Christ, both translated by Jonathan Wright.

Wright will also translate “Digital Hats Game” into English. Sampsa Peltonen will do the Finnish translation.

According to the Estonian Theatre Agency, the play will focus “on the life of activists who try to influence the ways of the world.” It will be staged as a co-production between Finland’s Telakka and Estonia’s Tartu New Theatre.

Telakka writes on their website:

The Digital Hats Game is a play about activists who try to influence the ways of the world. They hack politically; that is their answer to the question tomorrow poses us. When during this period of rise of fascism and nationalism, humanity is in a screw press of violence, making the world better is inevitable, and change unavoidable: the activists will wrench the sword off the stone and clothe themselves in a digital armour.

Naturally they are not the only net smart activists in the cyber space: In the safe blue shimmer of the screen these robin hoods may forget that the same means that the good guys use, are also available to the bad.

“Digital Hats Game” is set to premiere on March 16, 2016 in Finland. The performance will be staged in Estonia in April.

Blasim’s stories have been translated into a number of languages, and his work has been embraced in many of them. It was a struggle for Blasim to get his first short-story collection printed in Arabic, and publication of the original Arabic came after the English and then with a number of redactions. The collection is banned in Jordan and was recently confiscated at this year’s Jeddah Book Fair, according to the author.

By Blasim:

“A Refugee in the Paradise that is Europe,” trans. Wright

“The Green Zone Rabbit,” trans. Wright

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