Mahfouz’s ‘Wedding Song’ To Be Made into Ramadan Serial; Film of Ibrahim Essa’s ‘The Televangelist’ in Post-production

Naguib Mahfouz’s  Wedding Song (1981) will be adapted into a TV series “with international ambitions,” produced by iProductions and bankrolled by Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris:

TVSo reports Varietywhich also notes that the iProductions CEO recently traveled to Berlin to launch Ibrahim Essa’s Mawlana — appearing soon in English translation by Jonathan Wright as The TelevangelistThe Essa drama is currently in post-production, Variety reports, under the direction of Magdy Ahmed Ali.

iProductions is apparently touting the TV adaptation of Mahfouz’s Wedding Song as “Egypt’s biggest-budget TV production this year.” It’s to be directed by Mohammed Yassin and is currently in pre-production.

Wedding Song centers on a popular play, through which the author — the young Abbas Karam Younis — seems to implicate himself in a series of crimes. Abbas then vanishes, leaving behind a suicide note but no corpse.

This follows on a series of recent Egyptian book-to-film Ramadan serials, the most successful of which was perhaps Sonallah Ibrahim’s Zaat. A number of Mahfouz’s novels have been made into successful serials and films, including Chitchat on the Nile, based on the novel Adrift on the Nile, The Beginning and the End, and Miramar.

Other big novel-to-film adaptations in the works include a film version of Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s Utopia.

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