Award-winning Egyptian Artist Ganzeer’s First Graphic Novel To Begin Appearing Online April 15

The Egyptian artist Ganzeer (the pen name of Mohamed Fahmy), co-winner of a Mahmoud Kahil Award for his work on The Apartment in Bab el-Loukhas announced that his first full-length, solo graphic novel, The Solar Grid, will start rolling out on April 15: 

solar_gridGanzeer made the announcement on his “Restricted Frequency” email newsletter, where he wrote:

SFOGN is actually titled: THE SOLAR GRID. It’s a black and white sci-fi (cli-fi?) graphic novel in 9 chapters. I’ll be releasing each chapter on a bi-monthly basis in PDF format. Easily readable on desktop or iPad, but definitely looks particularly good on the iPad. Downloadable for no more than $1.99. First chapter (32+ pages) hits the web in 6 weeks. That’s April 15. Where?

The plan is after completion of the THE SOLAR GRID (estimate: July 2017) to release a quality hardcopy trade edition. It’ll include things not in the online chapters, but the online chapters will also include things not in the hardcopy trade edition. Let’s see how this goes.

Over at the new website, you can find out a bit more about The Solar Grid, which is:

…a B&W serialized graphic novel written and illustrated by Ganzeer.  It follows the story of two children, Mehret and Kameen, who scavange the wastelands of Earth for valuables from the civilizations that came before. They stumble upon material from Earth’s past that will forever change its future. Not just Earth’s future, but the future of Mars as well.

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