Friday Films: ‘The Dupes,’ Inspired by Ghassan Kanafani’s ‘Men in the Sun’

Every Friday, ArabLit suggests a new classic film-book combination — for you to watch and read — until we run out of steam about 20 weeks in:

ThedupesThis Friday, it’s the classic The Dupes, based on Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani’s Men in the Sun, translated into English by Hilary Kilpatrick.

The Dupes, directed by Tawfiq Saleh, who also directed last week’s film, is based on Kanafani’s most popular and acclaimed novella. The film was released the same year Kanafani was assassinated by a car bomb. But according to Cinema Arabiata, “Kanafani did watch The Dupes, released earlier that year, according to Salem who reports having freighted a copy of the film personally by car, from Damascus to Beirut.”

When Kanafani was assassinated on July 8, 1972, he was just 36.

From Cinema Arabiata:

In The Dupes (المخدوعون, also The Duped and The Deceived), the struggles of the film’s four leads are both representative and metaphoric of the modern experience of the Palestinian people. It is precisely because The Dupes delivers as representation and as metaphor that it works; it is fine allegory. The Dupes draws a dramatic landscape that is poignant and credible in the realistic personal struggles of the main characters, drawn over space and time, while the metaphor grows the film’s audience entangling tentacles of anguish, horror and morbidity, whose marks well outlast The Dupes’ uncompromising ending.

The two end differently — the novella and the film. But best that you watch and read first.

You can watch The Dupes online:

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