Sunday Submissions: FIELD Translation Series

Oberin College’s FIELD Poetry Prize is accepting submissions this month — for a steep $28 submission fee. But you can also submit a book query (free) to their FIELD Translation Series:

OCPThe series has published collections by Lebanese poet Venus Khoury-Ghata, trans. Marilyn Hacker; Max Jacob, trans. William Kulik; five T’ang Poets, trans. David Young; and others.

According to the guidelines:

Book-length manuscripts of poetry in translation will be considered year-round for the FIELD Translation Series. Please send sample poems and a letter of inquiry describing the work and indicating that you have the author’s permission, where appropriate, to seek publication for your translation.

The FIELD Translation Series was begun in 1978, and it aims to make “available the most exceptional of foreign writers to an English-speaking audience through the work of unusually gifted translators.”