Sunday Submissions: The 2016 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation

Gulf Coast is accepting entries for the 2016 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation from now through August 31:

Translation_LogoThis year, the contest is open to poetry in translation. The winner will receive $1,000 and a placement in the journal, and two honorable mentions will receive $250 each.

All entries, according to organizers, will be considered for paid publication on the Gulf Coast website.

This year’s contest will be judged by Idra Novey, author of the novel Ways to Disappear and poetry collection Exit Civilian; her translations include Clarice Lispector’sThe Passion According to G.H. and Birds for a Demolition, the Selected Poems of Manoel de Barros.

The guidelines:

Poetry: Send up to ten pages of poetry translated into English. Excerpts from longer works are welcome and preference will be given to contemporary work published within the last fifty years. As part of your submission, include the text in its original language, provide a brief synopsis (no more than 200 words) of the work and the author you are translating, and indicate whether you have, and can grant us, permission to publish the original work and the translation.

Previous winners have been Samantha Schnee, with a translation of The Romantic’s Conspiracy and Kristin Dykstra with the world as presence.

You can make your submission online.

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