Jahanamiya: A New Feminist Lit Mag Publishing Work by Saudi Women

The bilingual quarterly Jahanamiya is now on its third issue:

jhmJahanamiya, according to editors, is “a feminist literary magazine that publishes written work exclusively by Saudi women, as well as accompanying artwork created by regional artists.”

They bring out work both in English and Arabic. Thus far, each issue has centered on a theme “that is an element of Saudi culture”: Arabic coffee (summer 2015), ismik (winter 2016), and awlad (fall 2016).

Many, but not all, of the contributors are young writers and artists; there is some compelling art partnered with the pieces, including work by Shurooq Amin, which is paired with Abeer Jay’s fresh, feminist desert poem: “Dry Heat.” Or Filwa Nazer’s own art to accompany her poem “Woman Unraveled.”

The magazine’s forthcoming theme — for which editors are now accepting submissions — is movement.

According to the site, for its next issue:

Jahanamiya wants to explore the concept of movement in relation to Saudi women in our next issue. This “movement” can be physical or metaphorical. From moving between places, moving our bodies in moments of sport or dance, or moving to and from emotional stages and spaces in life. We want to hear about your most meaningful experiences of movement!

Thanks to Matthew Teller (@matthewteller) for the tip. You can also follow Jahanamiya (@jahanamiya).