How to Donate to the ‘Library in Gaza’ Project

The English-language focused ‘Library in Gaza’ project ( has recently been covered in places as diverse as al-Quds, Lebanon’s Daily Star, and the UK’s Daily Mail:

libraryThe project is managed by Mosab Abu Toha and Shadi Salem in Gaza, and Elham Al-Rwashdeh in Amman, and aims broadly to establish a public library and cultural center in Gaza “where people can develop their intellect, aesthetic skills and awareness.” From the newly launched website:

It will be a safe space for the young and the old to meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

Seminars will be organized, lectures will be delivered by international guests and other activities will be conducted. The library will consist of many sections: books lending, reading section, study halls, meeting room and children section.

Besides having sections of English and Arabic sources, it will have a section of electronic sources so that students and researchers can get access to world wide databases.

In addition to monetary donations over PayPal, the library is also requesting book donations.

According to AFP, since the library’s July launch, they have collected more than 200 books and $2,000, but delivery was halted ver several months in 2016, as “Israel blocked the arrival of parcels into the Gaza Strip because they alleged its Islamist rulers Hamas were using it to send equipment for weapons.” According to AFP, mail service was restored in December.

The library’s wishlist is mostly made up of older books, from Bridget Jones’s Diary to Frank Herbert’s Dune to Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy, but they seem to gratefully accept all donations.

The project’s Facebook page notes you can ship books “online or through your local post office” to Mosab Abu Toha / Gaza-Palestine / Israel / Zip code: 00972 / Phone number: 00972592213114. The project’s email address is