Sunday Submissions: An Opportunity for Arab Graphic Novelists (Or Those Living in an Arab-majority Country)

If you are a graphic novelist working in “the region,” then Tosh Fesh has an opportunity for you:

Tosh Fesh will choose four graphic novels from among those submitted. They’ll fund the projects’ creative development and production, offering writers $2,000 as well as printing and distribution.

The judges are pioneering graphic novelist Lena Merhej, one of the founders of Samandal; editor-in-chief of F/I/M2/P Magazine Mohamed Abdouni; and Tosh Fesh’s Aseel Suleiman.

There is no specification of accepted languages — the submissions call is in Arabic and English — although certainly Merhej can read them in Arabic, English, and French. They might need to find a translator for any submissions in Tamazight.

Read more about how to submit your work at their Facebook page.