Friday Finds: Zakariya Tamer’s “The Accused,” Translated and Illustrated by Molly Crabapple

Over at BuzzFeed, you can find a short story by Syrian master craftsman Zakariya Tamer, translated and illustrated by the artist and memoirist Molly Crabapple:

In the story, the Persian poet Omar Khayyám is brought back from the dead to defend himself in court.

It opens:

The fat policeman entered the tomb, walked a few bewildered moments, then shouted with a stretched voice: “Omar Khayyám!”

No one answered, so he took a dirty white handkerchief from his pocket, searched in its folds, balled it up, and returned it to his pocket. He shouted grouchily: “Omar Khayyám…Omar Khayyám…You are wanted to stand trial!”

The short-short collaboration, which can be seen in its entirety over at BuzzFeed, underlines the necessity of an illustrated Zakariya Tamer.

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