Sunday Submissions: ‘Lifted Brow,’ Paying Market

The Australian magazine Lifted Brow is doing a call-out for translations:

According to their guidelines, they are particularly interested in translation “from the margins”:

Like everything we do, our translations will largely focus on works from the margins: writers and translators who live and write from demographic margins, and/or writers whose work sits in the literary margins, and/or translators who interpret the translation act in surprising ways or stretch the bounds of what ‘translation’ means: your work might be cross-modal or cross-genre, might include insertions, erasure or collage. Try us.

If you are translating a work from a language or perspective that is underrepresented, or a part of the world that doesn’t see a lot of its literary output translated, we want to hear from you. If you are working on a translation of oral texts, ancestral languages, and/or some other project tied up with language and identity, get in touch. Self-translations are welcome.

We prefer fiction between 2,000 and 4,000 words, but if what you have is an incredible piece of non-fiction or a suite of poetry, send that through, too.

Those looking to get their work in should do so before November 30, 2018. They encourage those interested to pick up a copy of the magazine and give it a whirl. And yes, they pay.

You can find more on how to submit on their Submittable.