Winners of $2m Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation Announced in Doha

Winners of the fourth annual Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding were honored in Doha yesterday and announced on social media:

Dr Hanan Al Fayadh at the news conference that preceded the awards event.

Winners in a wide range of categories — including translation from Arabic to English, English to Arabic, Arabic to German, and German to Arabic — were chosen from among 203 entries from 31 countries.

For the translations from Arabic to English:

A joint first prize went to Nawal Nasrallah for her informative and elegant translation of the fourteenth-century Egyptian cookbook Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table, author unknown.

Tied for first prize was Nancy Roberts, for her translation of Ibrahim Nasrallah’s Gaza Weddings.

Third prize went to Sohaib Saeed for his translation of The Great Exegesis of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, Volume I: The Fatiha.

The total amount awarded in this category is $200,000 USD, with an additional $200,000 for English to Arabic, $200,000 for Arabic to German, $200,000 for German to Arabic, and a $200,000 “achievement award.” Within each category, first prize is worth $100,000, second is $60,000, and third is $40,000.

At a news conference held before the announcements were made, the award’s Dr Hanan Al Fayadh explained that every year, a new international language — in addition to its core award for English — is added. “First year Turkey, second year Spanish, third year French and the fourth year 2018 German were added for the Award.”

This year, the top German-Arabic award went to Ibrahim Abu Hashhash’s translation of Philosophy of Enlightenment by German philosopher Ernest Casserer. The top Arabic-German award went to Dr. Berenike Metzler for Kitāb Fahm al-Qur’ān des Ḥāriṯ b. Asad al-Muḥāsibī.

The rest of the winners are posted at @HamadTAward.

More on the Arabic-English category winner: 14th-Century Cookbook ‘Profoundly Rich Resource for Egyptian Culinary Heritage’


  1. The awards ceremony was the crowning event of a two-day convention on cultural interaction through translation. Dozens of papers were presented, followed by energetic discussions, and empowered by the willingness and ability to publish more translations. It is a celebration of translation in a respectful and spectacular fashion.

    1. I’m delighted. In any case, as you’ll hear on Episode 25 of Bulaq, I am so *delighted* for Nawal & want her to have all the money.

  2. Can’t wait to hear Bulaq 25! And can’t thank you enough for your continuous, solid work on circulating Arab culture.

    1. <3 Well we wasted some silly time talking about what Nawal should buy for herself with her winnings, but also some serious talk about her excellent work.

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