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Friday Finds: ‘The Maghreb After Orientalism’

b2o: an online journal — an online-only, free-to-read, peer-reviewed journal published by the boundary 2 editorial collective — recently published a special issue, “The Maghreb After Orientalism”:

The online issue is edited and introduced by Olivia C. Harrison. In her introduction, Harrison writes that the collection of essays asks “what it would mean to think the Maghreb after Orientalism, forty years after the publication of a work that invites us to denaturalize our disciplinary formations and areas of specialization. ‘After’ is here both a marker of the time that has elapsed since the publication of Said’s watershed book, and an acknowledgment of the debt owed in Maghreb studies to Said. With a nod to Ali Behdad’s 1994 special issue of L’Esprit Créateur, ‘Orientalism after Orientalism,’ we also seek to supplement, expand, and critique some of the tenets of Orientalism.”

The essays within:

Olivia C. Harrison, “Introduction: ‘The Maghreb After Orientalism

Susan Slyomovics, “‘The Ethnologist-Spy Was Hanged, At That Time We Were a Little Savage’: Anthropology in Algeria with Habib Tengour

David Fieni, “‘Hold to poetic knowledge without creating a fetish’, or How to Resist Disfiguring the Maghreb in Theory

Olivia C. Harrison, “Thinking the Maghreb with Said and Khatibi

Brian T. Edwards — “Hollywood Orientalism and the Maghreb

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