Sunday Submissions: HALAL Fanzine, Issue 2

HALAL Fanzine is searching for submissions to its second issue:

The call will be open until April 17, 2019.

According to organizers:

HALAL is a zine project that provide a free space of self-expression to the AMESA (North African, Middle-Eastern, South Asian) World’s youth. We would like to create a place in which these young people could live their enjoyment beyond censorship.

Without any taboo, HALAL Fanzine aims to get rid of subjugation and passivity. It is a pursuit of emancipation. There is no precise theme, you are free to choose your subject!

This open call is not just made for artists, everybody can join the project and submit what they want!

The format is: 16.5 x 24 cm, and they are looking for: “comics, illustrations, photography, collage, mixed media, articles, poetry, quotes etc.:

Send your submissions to: