Sunday Submissions: Penguin Anthology of ‘Many Muslim Worlds’

A forthcoming Penguin SEA anthology, The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human: Tales From Many Muslim Worlds, is looking for submission:

The anthology, which is set to be published later this year:

…offers a counter narrative to the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims in the media, building empathy across cultures through storytelling. This is not a book about religion; it is a collection of personal stories revealing the multi-faceted and universal experiences of people living all over the world. Each story follows Joseph Campbell’s classic hero’s journey, that classic narrative arc on which the most successful stories of our time have been based. In stories that reveal the heroes and villains of the writers’ lives, readers walk for a moment in the shoes of the “other,” during poignant, vulnerable life moments. These stories share the common language of love, truth, despair, revelation, humor, and hope—and in that language, these stories cease to be Muslim, but unequivocally human.

They’re looking for unpublished first-person literary non-fiction, between 2500-4000 words, in English. Translations are also welcome.

The anthology is being edited by Marguerite Richards, and contributors will be offered an honorarium of 100 SGD and a copy of the book. But rather than full essays, Richards is looking for 300-word pitches, with a deadline of March 10, 2019.

Read the full guidelines and submit online.