Sunday Submissions: Rusted Radishes 8, ‘Sea Change’

The call for submissions to Rusted Radishes’ eighth issue, titled “Sea Change,” is open until the first of April:

As they note:

It is a term that is recycled over and over again: by fitness junkies on Instagram, self-help authors, and artists. It is a byword for transformation that invokes the power and scope of the sea, referring to anything from internal shifts in perspective or all-encompassing societal changes.

The acclaimed Beirut-based magazines accepts submissions from any writer who has a relationship with Lebanon or the wider Arab-majority region, “whether you are from there, have traveled or worked there, or have some other tangible connection. Ultimately, our mission is to create a space for these writers and artists.” Many of their contributors, they note, are first-time writers. “Our mission is to bring their work into the spotlight.”

They add:

In reflecting on this theme, we ask: To whom does the sea belong? How is the sea transformative? What sea changes have we witnessed or want to witness in our lifetimes? What are the stories that take place by the sea? How do the natural and supernatural play out in our lives?

We are looking for your submissions, inspired by the sea.

More about how to submit: