Sunday Submissions: Shenandoah, Black Warrior Review Seek Translations

We’re always on the lookout for literary magazines that a) pay contributors, b) are translation-friendly, and c) don’t charge fees:

Certainly, you should save your best work for the 2019 ArabLit Story Prize. But once that’s finished (deadline May 15), Shenandoah and Black Warrior Review are both looking for translated literature.

From Shenandoah:

TRANSLATIONS, considered by editor Seth Michelson, should be accompanied by a cover letter which explains the language you’re translating from and whether you’ve been in contact with the original author. Please include the original text with all translations in your submission.

Please note that our window for accepting translation submissions never closes as a convenience to international submitters.

We’ll only consider one submission per author at a time (no multiple submissions in different genres, please), and will delete multiple submissions without reading them. Please decide what you’d like us to read most, submit that, and wait for a response before submitting additional work. Submitted work should be previously unpublished in English. Work simultaneously submitted elsewhere will be considered, but we ask that you withdraw the work immediately if it is accepted (and congratulations, by the way).

And from Black Warrior Review:

Give us what bowls over borders and bounces past boundaries like a boulder. Give us what’s so subtle it can slide into our hearts and guts with ease.

Completed, self-sufficient works only. Max 10 pages. We will consider any literary genre. Work that has already been published in its original language is highly preferred.

In your cover letter, provide an account of the text and its author, a short biography of the translator, and any other information that you deem relevant.

If possible, please include the work in the source language. It is the translator’s responsibility to secure permissions for publication.