Sunday Submissions: Deadline Extended for 2019 ArabLit Story Prize

The deadline to submit to the 2019 ArabLit Story Prize has been extended to June 15, 2019, in the interest of making the prize more accessible to those on an academic-year schedule:

Who: This year’s three judges are Jana Elhassan, Adam Talib, Nariman Youssef. It’s supported by individual donations, and the prize admin is ArabLit editor M. Lynx Qualey.

What: $500 literary prize to a “best” story, both in content and quality of translation. The prize is split equally between translator and author. Self-translations are eligible, but both Arabic and English must be submitted.

When: Submissions must be in by June 15, 2019.

Where: On Submittable.

Why: In the interest of celebrating the short-story form, its innovations, and its successful translations, all at once. A tall order, but we look forward to all your submissions.

If you have more questions (how? whither? which?) send them to