Sunday Submissions: 2019 Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation

The Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation is accepting entries for this year’s contest through July 12, 2019:

The prize — open to UK residents — is for an unpublished translation of a poem from any language, ancient or modern, into English. There are three categories: Open (adult); 18-and-under, for entrants still 18 on the closing date; and 14-and-under, for entrants still 14 on the closing date.

Those who are submitting must send in both poem and commentary of no more than 300 words.

The winners of the “open” category will receive £1,000 (first), £750 (second) and £500 (third), while the winners of the 18-and-under category will receive £250 (first), £150 (second) and £100 (third). There will be one prize (£100) awarded in the 14-and-under category.

Self-translations will not be accepted.

The judges of the 2019 competition are Mary Jean Chan, Margaret Jill Costa, and Olivia McCannon.

Those who are interested can head over to the Submittable.