Friday Finds: 21 Short Stories for 2019’s Longest Day

Twenty-one translated stories from twelve countries — available free online — for your midsummer, 2019:


The Mauve Planet,” Safia Ketou, trans. Nadia Ghanem

Bloodred Dew,” Mohammed Dib, trans. C. Dickson


The Battle of the Rabbits,” Muhammed Mustajab, trans. Robin Moger

“Our Story,” Mohamed Abdelnabi, tr. Robin Moger


Tantal,” Samir Naqqash, trans. Shakir Mustafa

“Lizards’ Colony,” by Mahmoud Saeed, trans. William Hutchins

“Yusif’s Tales,” by Muhammad Khudayyir, trans. Shakir Mustafa

The Hush Void” by Muhammad Khudayyir, trans. Elisabeth Jaquette


Pearls on a Branch,” from the collection of folktales Pearls on a Branch: Oral Talesed. Najlaa Khoury, tr. Inea Bushnaq.

God, It’s as Though You’re Sewing a Dress For a Flea,” Hanan al-Shaykh, trans. Randa Jarrar


Disappointments (and a Few Clarifications),” by Basma al-Nsour, trans Andrew Leber


The World’s Longest-held Prisoner,” Omar El-Kiddi, trans. Ghenwa Hayek


Men Have All the Luck,” Mohamed Choukri, trans. Paul Starkey

Just Different,” Malika Moustadraf, trans Alice Guthrie


Silence,” Adania Shibli, trans. Randa Jarrar

Man and His Alarm Clock“ Samira Azzam, translated by Nora Parr, Michael Beard, and Wen-Chin Ouyang. (As a companion, Shibli’s “Out of Time.”)


“Birth,” Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin, trans. Nancy Roberts


Silent Ones,” Zakaria Tamer, trans. Ibrahim Muhawi

The Gist of It,” Rasha Abbas, trans. Alice Guthrie


The Way to Poppy Street,” Rachida el-Charni, trans. Piers Amodia


Fatal Dreams” by Wajdi Al-Ahdal, trans. William Maynard Hutchins


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