Sunday Submissions: Tentacular Seeks Translations

Tentacular Magazine is looking for poetry, responses, and art on the loose theme of “translation” for its next issue:

More specifically, they are looking for:

  • translations from one art form or mode of communication to another

  • carryings over from science or other practices

  • ‘close’ or ‘literal’ translations of poems (with permissions if required, with collaborations)

  • ‘expanded’ translations and playful versions

  • poems on the topics of migration or movement or carrying

  • poems addressing the influence of other poetic voices

  • movements between registers

  • (challenges to) mimesis

  • onomatopoeia

  • personae, and the thorny issue of adopting the voice(s) of another

  • creative and critical reflections or positions on all the above and on the practice of translation (however defined) are particularly welcome

Deadline for submissions is July 21; those interested should send work to Jonathan Catherall at:  More information about the magazine, and how to submit, at their website.