Bulaq 2.0: Surveying Your Podcast Thoughts

Episode 35 was the last episode of Bulaq before we move into summer hibernation. There will be a number of changes coming next season, but — as we plan for Bulaq’s 2019-20 season — we would love to hear from listeners:

To that end, we’ve posted a very short 5-question survey

Also, we’d love you to listen to Episode 35, where co-hosts Ursula Lindsey and M. Lynx Qualey  read from Lina Mounzer’s ”Trash Talk: On Translating Garbage,” which recently appeared on the Paris Review and struck a nerve among translators, editors, and various other word-jobbers. You can also another essay of Mounzer’s on life as a translator: “War in Translation: Giving Voice to the Women of Syria.” We also discuss the literary strand of the Shubbak Festival that took place at the end of last June in London. You can also get panelist and graphic novelist Deena Mohamed’s Shubeik Lubeik online.