Sunday Submissions: ‘Two Lines’ Looking for Arabic Poetry in Translation

Two Lines Press announced this week that they’re working on a special project collecting great translations of great Arabic poetry in English that are, as yet, unpublished:

They write that the work “does not need to be contemporary but must be a rich addition to today’s poetic landscape” and that they’re “especially eager to see work by female poets or poets from underrepresented regions.”

Their guidelines:

  • Please submit 8-15 pages of translated poems. We will be publishing poetry entirely en face, so submissions must include a copy of the original text.
  • We only consider previously unpublished translations. If a piece has been published anywhere, including on a personal blog, please submit something else.
  • Translators are expected to have identified the original copyright holder and obtained confirmation that the translation rights are available before submitting.
  • The translator cannot also be the author of the piece (unless it is a co-translation).

Those interested should send inquiries or submissions to the editors at with the subject line: “Arabic Poetry.” The deadline is November 18, 2019.