Sunday Submissions: ‘Shenandoah’ Seeks Translations

Shenandoah magazine is looking for translations:

Translation submissions — which should be sent in through Submittable — will be considered by editor Seth Michelson, who expects a cover letter that “explains the language you’re translating from and whether you’ve been in contact with the original author. Please include the original text with all translations in your submission.”

This is a paying market. They write:

We believe your work has incredible value. We pay our contributors at the rate of $100 per poem, $100 per 1000 words of prose up to $500, and $50 per page of comics up to $500.

And according to their mission statement:

The editors believe that reading through the perspective of another person, persona, or character is one of the ways we practice empathy, expand our understanding of the world, and experience new levels of awareness. Shenandoah aims to showcase a wide variety of voices and perspectives in terms of gender identity, race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, nationality, regionality, sexuality, and educational background. We’re excited to consider short stories, essays, excerpts of novels in progress, poems, comics, and translations of all the above.

You can find more at their website.