Sunday Submissions: Warwick Translates 2020

The dates for the Warwick Translates 2020 literary translation summer school have now been set, and it will be held from July 8-12. There will be courses in translating from nine different languages into English, including one from Arabic:

The first-ever “Warwick Translates” was held in 2019, and the week-long school is back with a new set of tutors in 2020.


Warwick Translates is the first literary translation summer school held at the University of Warwick. According to organizers, “It offers the opportunity to translate texts across the literary genres into English, working with leading professional translators.” Groups will be limited to a maximum of 20 students; places are being allocated on a strictly “first-come-first-served” basis.

The course will be taught in an all-day workshop environment, and instructors will be using a variety of texts in different genres. There will also be opportunities to network with publishers, agents, and others.

Also: Attendees can choose to work in one language or to split their time between two languages by attending morning workshops in one language and afternoon workshops in the other.

There are no formal entry requirements to take part in the course outside of fluency in English.

More at the Warwick website.