Sunday Submissions: Four-week Remote Writing Residency

The Lesser Amman Library at MMAG has announced an open call for their remote writers-in-residence program:

This spring, the Lesser Amman Library is awarding four fellowships to emerging writers for a remote four-week residency. Writers will receive “writing mentorship through online individual and group crit sessions with writer and curator Sarah Rifky,” as well as a stipend of $500. They write:

While writing has always entailed some degree of isolation, enforced social distancing in the time of Covid-19 can be difficult. In light of this, the MMAG Foundation’s lesser amman library would like to offer writers the head space, slow time and resources to be able to continue researching, producing and developing new or existing creative writing projects for a four-week home-based residency.

As part of the residency, fellows are expected to:

– Commit to working on a short-form piece of writing in Arabic or English during the residency. Proposals for essays may include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and criticism, as well as theoretical, speculative or experimental writing. Other forms will also be considered (e.g. contemporary screenplays, or an in-depth study of Moghul painting).

– Set aside one hour every week to meet and discuss their writing one-on-one with their writing mentor.

– Be available for two seminars (2-3 hours each) to discuss their writing collectively.

– Be open to reading and providing feedback to other writing fellows.

– Collaborate closely with editors and translators toward submitting a final manuscript for publication and distribution.

Meanwhile, the Lesser Amman Library promises to:

– Provide each fellow with a $500 stipend.

– Ensure that each of the four fellows have access to one hour of writing mentorship per week.

– Host two online seminars during the first and final weeks of the residency.

– Provide high-quality editing, proofreading and English < > Arabic translation of fellows’ final essays.

– Distribute and promote final works in an e-book at the end of the program.

– Host an online launch event for the e-book, including live readings.

Applicants must be from or living in the Arab world.

All applications should include:

A completed application form.

– A letter of interest (500 words) explaining your work, your preferred form of writing and your interest in this residency. The letter should also include a proposal for the essay you plan on producing or developing for publication as part of this residency.

– A short bio (50–100 words).

– A resumé or CV (no longer than two pages) describing some of your educational and work experience.

– Two or more writing samples (total word count shouldn’t exceed 5,000 words). Samples can be published or unpublished.

Applications are accepted in both English and Arabic.

They write:

All files should be sent in PDF format, and must be attached in a single email with your name and “Writer’s residency application” as the subject line. Completed applications, as well as any questions you may have, should be directed by email to our Library Coordinator, Haneen Dajani, at by Thursday, April 17, 2020, 5 pm (GMT+3).

More about the Lesser Amman Library at their Instagram page.