The Common Magazine’s Sudan Portfolio

Issue 19 of The Common magazine has a portfolio from Sudan, which features stories translated from Arabic by eleven different authors, as well as selections of Sudanese art, courtesy of the Hindiyeh Museum of Art:

The portfolio has stories by Altayeb Salih Prize for Creative Writing-winning authors Mohamed Badawi Higazi and Jamal Aldin Ali Alhaj; Caine Prize-winning short-story writer Bushra Elfadil; and ArabLit’s Sudan editor, Lemya Shammat.

Issue 19, available now, also features an original story by translator Thoraya El-Rayyes, “Joint Account,” as well as works by Sara Elkamel, Dana Alsamsam, and many others. You can buy the issue from The Common’s online storefront in print, Kindle, PDF, or e-book format.

Stories in the Arabic portfolio from Sudan:

The Creator” by Abdel-Ghani Karamalla (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

On the Train” by Ishraga Mustafa Hamid (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

Mehret, or Sakina as She Calls Herself” by Bwader Basheer (Translated by Robin Moger)

Notebooks of Maladies” by Emad Blake (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

Sara Who Married a Dead Man” by Ahmad Al Malik (Translated by Robin Moger)

The Warehouse” by Osman al-Houri (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

The Opening Ceremony” by Bushra Elfadil (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

The Dam” by Jamal Aldin Ali Alhaj (Translated by Jonathan Wright)

Arrayga’s Inspection” by Mustafa Mubarak (Translated by Robin Moger)

Flash” by Lemya Shammat (Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette)

The Infidel and the Devil” by Mohamed Badawi Higazi (Translated by Robin Moger)