Sunday Submissions: Exceptional Grants for Arab Artists & Writers

The Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy) has extended their deadline to apply for the exceptional grants supporting Arab artists and writers through Covid-19 and shutdown difficulties:

They write:

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought all artistic and cultural life outside cyberspace to a halt. It is impossible to foresee, as of yet, how long this will last and what impacts it will have on artistic and cultural practices. The suspension of cultural and artistic activities combined with the economic fallout of the pandemic has compounded the pressures on workers in the arts and culture sector. This is all the more the case in Arab countries which lack cultural policies and governmental and communal structures that support this sector.

In this context, Culture Resource announces an exceptional grant to support and encourage artists and writers in their efforts to sustain their individual or collaborative creativity (not necessarily through digital production) and, in the process, to incorporate activities to enhance their skills and those of the technicians they work with in carrying out their creative projects. The purpose of this initiative is to preserve artistic life and creativity during the pandemic and the subsequent period. In addition, it is set to encourage artists from the Arab region and open opportunities for them to conceive and develop new approaches to individual and collective creativity, thereby laying a fresh cultural and artistic groundwork for the post-crisis period.

The grants, which can cover a period of six to nine months, will be foreup to $7,000 for individual projects and $10,000 for collaborative projects in the performing arts, visual arts, music, cinema and literature. They add that an “additional $1,000 may be available for projects that include a skills development component for the applicant artists or fellow artists and/or technicians in their team.”

The deadline for applications is Friday July 3, 2020, at 4:00 PM Beirut time. Results are set to be announced at the end of July.

More details at the al-Mawred al-Thaqafy website.