Sunday Submissions: ‘Trinity Journal of Literary Translation’

Submissions are now open for “Ireland’s only literary journal dedicated to literary translation”:

For their ninth issue, they’re looking for literary work related to prophecy. They write:

For this issue, we welcome work relating to the theme of PROPHECY. Since JoLT is all about interpretation and translation across boundaries, we want to see what prophecy means to you! Any translation somewhat connected to the theme of prophecy will be accepted.  This can include all sorts of connotations and shades of meaning, and we are interested in seeing how prophecy translates in different languages and cultures. Among other things, your translation could be:

» a literal prophecy, extracted and translated from any literary text

» a piece about a prophetic moment or an episode of clairvoyance/a prophet or a clairvoyant

» a style of writing that is prophetic, groundbreaking or ahead of its times

» a translation of a text that has foreseen future events/a premonitory piece of writing

Prophecy can be good or bad, serious or deceptive, evident or sibylline. Show us a translation that fits the bill!

All submissions must be made via email to before noon on Friday, November 6, 2020.

Translations can be from any language into English or Irish; more detailed submission guidelines are on their website.