Sunday Submissions: 2020 Columbia Journal Contest Has New Category for Translation

The Columbia Journal editors have announced that their 2020 Winter Contest is now officially open, and that there is a new category this year, “translation”:

The four first place winners of the Winter Contest will each receive a $500 cash prize and will be published in the Columbia Journal‘s Spring 2021 issue. Two additional runner-ups will be selected for print.

There is a $15 entry fee for each submission, and you can the full contest guidelines on their website.

The deadline to submit is December 15.

Author (The Ants) and Japanese-English translator (The Collected Poems of Sagawa Chika) Sawako Nakayasu is judge for the translation category, which calls for submissions “up to 5,000 words or five pages of poetry, with the original text, and written permission from the work’s original author/publisher.”

They further add, “We welcome submissions from all nationalities. However, anyone who has studied or taught at the Columbia University Writing Program at any time in the past five years is ineligible to be considered for publication.”