Egyptian novelist and scholar Bahaa Abdelmegid has died after struggling with Covid-19:

Abdelmegid died on Sunday evening at the Ain Shams Field Hospital. A week ago, he posted a photo of himself on oxygen on Facebook.

Today, his Facebook page was filled with hundreds of tributes from colleagues and readers who wrote about his kindness, his gentle nature, and his encouragement of fellow writers.

Abdelmegid taught English literature at Ain Shams University, where he earned his PhD in English literature, with a focus on the works of Seamus Heaney. He was the author of several short-story collections, novellas, and novels, three of which have been translated to English: Saint Theresa and Sleeping with Strangers (translated by Chip Rossetti, 2010) and Temple Bar (translated by Jonathan Wright, 2015).

His most recent novel, القطيفة الحمراء (Red Marigold), came out this year.

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