Sunday Submissions: BU’s One-year MFA in Literary Translation

Boston University’s one-year MFA in literary translation is now accepting applications for next fall:

According to BU’s Margaret Litvin, there are 50% merit scholarships available, and US residents can also apply for FLAS funding to cover the rest of the program’s costs.

Students can focus on — among other things — Arabic literature, translation history and theory, and literary style. There are also opportunities to network with translators and publishers.

Applications are due February 15; you can find more information at The FLAS deadline is also February 15.

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  1. Thank you so much, Marcia. I should clarify that this is a full-time, in-person, synchronous program and (except in the current bizarro pandemic conditions, which we hope will be over by next fall) participants are expected to reside in Boston and attend classes, workshops, and Translation Seminar lectures in person.

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