‘Clube de Leitura Mundo Árabe e Diásporas’ Launches in Brazil

Starting mid-July, organizers will launch the Clube de Leitura Mundo Árabe e Diásporas, billed as a first book club focused on global Arab and Arabic literatures in Brazil:

According to a launch post on Instagram, the club will have its first online meeting on July 15, and they’re set to discuss a Portuguese translation of Beirut Noir, a short-story collection edited by Lebanese writer Iman Humaydan. It was translated to Portuguese by Pedro Criado and recently released by Editora Tabla.

Organizers write that the club will be moderated by the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies (CEAI) and Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS), and, in addition, they will have expert guests. “However, note that the meeting is neither a class nor a lecture, but a space for discussions and impressions of the readings.”

Those interested in participating can sign up through a Google doc. There is a discount for book-club participants who purchase the book through Editora Tabla’s website; details will be available to those who sign up through the Google doc.

Educators at CEAI and UFS will select future titles, which will be announced between 40 and 45 days before subsequent online meetings. The meetings will always take place on the third Thursday of each month. So, the next dates will be: August 19, 20201 and September 16, 2021.

According to a release from the Brazil-Arab News Agency, the project was sparked by solidarity with Palestine. “For a long time, I’ve wished to participate in a book club on the subject, but I’d never seen it happen,”  Marianne Gennnari, one of the creators of the club, told ANBA. “So, following the recent events in Palestine in May, we at CEAI felt the need to discuss what takes place in the Middle East from different perspectives, thus avoiding the superficial transience with which the big media address Palestine and the Arab countries.”

More about the club and how to sign up.

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