Sunday Submissions: AFAC’s Research on the Arts Program

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture is calling for applications for their Research on the Arts Program:

Logo of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

The aim of this program is “to support research on all artistic practices across disciplinary boundaries and methodological approaches on key themes of concern to, and in, the Arab region,” which is here defined as the 22 countries that are officially members of the League of Arab States.

They write:

RAP seeks to promote and develop the field of research on the art in the Arab region, a geographical and cultural space rich with art legacies and contemporary art practices waiting to be researched and analyzed. It seeks to empower the production of different kinds of academic and artistic knowledge that adds value to the field. Open to artists, practitioners and academics, RAP encourages these to undertake critical research on different aspects of the arts using experimental approaches that seek to create new openings in understanding art and culture in the region (RAP Selection Committee, 2020).

RAP is open to a wide range of writing and research strategies and a variety of audiences. However, the research output must include a written component, where concepts and theory, context, connections, reflections, and systematic investigations are shown and communicated. The program aims at canvassing a broad range of research proposals from across different countries, disciplines and professions. We also highly encourage analytical research that studies more than one country or region, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaborations, and comparative perspectives.

Individual researches as well as teams/collectives and institutions may apply for the grant. Applicants must be citizens or nationals of an Arab country (defined as long-term residents, even if they do not hold citizenship as in the case of refugees or stateless residents) and must be based in the Arab region.

Please see the call for applications for the requirements, submission guidelines, and access to the application portal. The deadline is on August 16, 2021 at 5 pm Beirut time.