Sunday Submissions: Kohl Journal Special Dossier

Kohl: A Journal for Body and Gender Research is calling for submissions for their special dossier on ‘Building Queer Worlds’:

They write:

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The accumulation of crises and their intensification since 2019 have imposed many realisms that, at times, seem inescapable. We attempt to break free by trying to find different answers and alternative readings that would resist economic collapse, pandemics, climate change. This call, a continuation of the first dossier on “Leaving Systems: What Alternatives?,” seeks to leave the norms of living and writing behind, by drawing other utopias and possible/speculative realities.

This dossier is largely devoted to visual materials, such as drawings, graphics, caricatures, and comics, in addition to short films, podcasts, poetry, prose, testimonies, and texts. We are looking for content that is creative, imaginative, and collaborative and participatory at the same time, so that the utopias envisioned are rooted in our material realities.

Submissions can be in Arabic, English, French or Spanish.

Find the call and detailed submission guidelines on Kohl’s website.

If you are interested in contributing, please submit your piece to by October 10, 2021. The dossier will be published in November 2021.