AUC Press, AMCA, Barjeel Announce New Jabra Ibrahim Jabra Manuscript Award

Last week, the AUC Press, the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art from the Arab World, Iran and Turkey (AMCA), and the Barjeel Art Foundation announced a new manuscript award:

Jabra’s “Self Portrait,” 1946

The award, named for Palestinian artist and author Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, is to be presented to “the best scholarly manuscript in the area of the contemporary and modern art history of the Arab world, Iran, and Turkey.”

Each year’s winning manuscript will be published by the American University in Cairo Press, with a provision from the Barjeel Art Foundation for the inclusion of full-color illustrations.

The new Jabra Ibrahim Jabra Award’s criteria and eligibility are:

  • Any previously unpublished scholarly manuscript is eligible for submission
  • Only manuscripts composed by a single author will be considered
  • By submitting your manuscript, you are agreeing that you are giving AUC Press the right of first refusal to publish your book
  • The judging panel’s decision is final

Those interested in the prize are asked to please send submissions to AMCA at

More at the AUC Press website.


  1. So refreshing to see this tribute to a great Arab intellectual and human being! Jabra was my mentor when I was in grad school in Iraq, and when I started writing articles, he helped me publish them in leading Iraqi journals. He and his wife hosted me in their beautiful home in Al-Mansour for years. A house full of paintings by Iraq’s prominent artists–Jawad Salim and the rest of the Iraqi Modern Art group. Jabra’s art works were there, too, on the walls and on the floor. A man of exceptional generosity and kindness. A woman used to come weekly to dust his bookcases, but she was illiterate, and some of the books would end up upside down. He and I would put them back correctly so that his wife wouldn’t be upset with the helping woman. The story of that beautiful house didn’t end well, but that pain might be revisited some other time.

    1. Author

      Yes, I agree! It may not have ended well, but that is not the whole story, and all the beauties of its long existence also matter.

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