Sunday Submissions: Global Africa Translation Fellowship &

The Africa Institute is open for applications for their Global Africa Translation Fellowship until October 15:

They write:

African Institute

As part of its African Languages and Translation Program, The Africa Institute announces the Global Africa Translation Fellowship. The fellowship welcomes applications from across the Global South for a grant of up to $5,000 to complete translations of works from the African continent and its diaspora, into English or Arabic. This is a non-residential fellowship which allows the recipient scholar to complete the work outside of The Africa Institute (Sharjah, UAE). The aim of the fellowship is to make important texts in African and African Diaspora studies accessible to wider readership across the world.

The fellowship provides funding in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the quality and breadth of the project. Selected projects may be retranslations of old, classic texts, or previously untranslated works, collections of poetry, prose, or critical theory. The project may be a work-in-progress, or a new project feasible for completion within the timeframe of the grant.

Submissions must include:

  • CV/resumé (two pages)
  • two pages explaining the proposed translation, the work’s significance, and a timeline
  • a sample of the original text and the translation (4-5 pages)
  • explanation of the works copyright status

Find the call and detailed submission guidelines on their website and submit your application by October 15, 2021 to


Also open for submissions is, a digital magazine about everything Iraqi:

They write in their call for submissions on Twitter:

Being uprooted is never geographic. It’s waking up in a place you never thought you would live in, or even worse, living on a street you no longer recognize. As Iraqis, whether in the diaspora or not, we are all in search of roots. Not because we don’t know where we came from, but because we always question where we belong. We’re all children of refugees, either internally displaced, or forced to go abroad in search of new ones. And that constant dialogue between us and the ground we stand on forms a critical part of our identity.

For our next issue, we dig deep into that part of what makes us who we are. We ask about the meaning of roots, their importance, and whether they are attainable at all. If you write, draw, make sound, moving image or create content in any shape or form, we would love to hear from you. Submissions can be made by email, or through any of our social media accounts.

Find the call here on Twitter and read more about the magazine at their website. The submission deadline is Ocotber 16, 2021.

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