Sunday Submissions: A Queer and Trans Arab and Arabophone Anthology

Metonymy Press is calling for contributions to El Ghourabaa, a queer and trans Arab and Arabophone anthology edited by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch and Samia Marshy.

The editors write:

We want to collect our uncanny, fun, experimental, creepy, sarcastic, playful, vulgar, inventive, sexual, weird, sweet, and evocative poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in one place. Our goal is to celebrate Arab and Arabophone writers and our weird, nuanced, diverse, fraught, joyful communities. While several Arab and SWANA writers’ anthologies exist, there are very few anthologies that explore the space between being Arab or Arabophone and being queer and/or trans. Being queer and Arab is sometimes complicated. We won’t bog you down with all the ways it’s supposedly impossible, ungodly, wrong, a shame, a secret, etc. etc., to be queer and/or trans and Arab or Arabophone or Muslim, whether coming from our own communities or elsewhere. It’s 2022 and we all know the gist.

Poetry (max. 4 poems or 6 pages), fiction, and creative nonfiction (max. 2,500 words) are all accepted, as are translations from the Arabic.

Payment for accepted contributions is $200 CAD and five free copies of the anthology.

Submit your work in a .doc or .docx file to with the subject line SUBMISSIONS: [GENRE OF SUBMISSION] by September 15th, 2022.