Sunday Submissions: Lolwe Issue 7

Lolwe, the pan-African literary magazine, has now opened submissions for its seventh issue.

They write:

Lolwe is accepting submissions for Issue 7 throughout the month of February (1-28 February 2023). The issue will be guest-edited by Bongani Sibanda (Zimbabwe), Hibaq Osman (Somalia/UK) and Filemon Iiyambo (Namibia).

We are looking for work that is bold, different, and blurs or pushes boundaries: play with form and language, ignore genre classifications, send in your fears and joys, your doubts and faiths, your curiosities and silences.

Past issues of the magazine can be found here.

Basic guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  • What to submit: Fiction, essays, poetry, and photography.
  • Who can submit: Black (African, Caribbean, Diaspora) artists.
  • When to submit: 1 August to February 2023.

Detailed submission guidelines can be found here.

Deadline for submissions is the 28th February.