Sunday Submissions: Palestinian Speculative Fiction Anthology

Roseway, an imprint of Fernwood Publishing, will be publishing Thyme Travelers, an anthology of speculative fiction by Palestinian writers edited by Sonia Sulaiman.

What is speculative fiction? I take a very broad definition of genre fiction. If your story hinges on some aspect that departs from consensus reality, submit. Some genres this includes are: climate fiction, dystopian, fabulism, fantasy, folklore retellings, futurism, horror, science fiction, and surrealism.

This anthology is open to writers who identify as Palestinian. This includes all Palestinians living anywhere in the world, and of any race. Authors from marginalized groups are encouraged to submit.

Send your submissions to Sonia Sulaiman, the editor for this volume. Find out more about Sulaiman’s work here.

Find detailed submission guidelines here.

Deadline for submissions is June 30th.