Join afikra as they interview British-Syrian Writer and Literary Translator Yasmine Seale on their Conversations series. Seale’s reviews and essays on literature, art, myth, archaeology and film have appeared widely, including in Harper’s, The Paris Review, The Nation, frieze, The TLS, Apollo, 4Columns, and the London Review of Books blog. HerContinue Reading

Join us as we interview author, Sahar Mustafah, who authored many books including The Beauty of Your Face, which will be the focus for this Book Club episode. The daughter of immigrants, Sahar Mustafah explores her Palestinian heritage in her writing. She earned her MFA in Fiction from Columbia CollegeContinue Reading

Join the afikra team as the interview Shawkat Toorawa for the afikra Conversations series. Professor Shawkat M. Toorawa is a Professor of Arabic at Yale, he received his BA, MA, and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught Arabic at Duke University, medieval French literature and Indian OceanContinue Reading

Join afikra as they interview assistant professor of Arabic language and literature and author of “Memory in Ruins: The Poetics of Atlal in Lebanese Wartime and Postwar Production” Yasmine Khayyat on the afikra Outline series.Continue Reading