Join afikra as they interview British-Syrian Writer and Literary Translator Yasmine Seale on their Conversations series. Seale’s reviews and essays on literature, art, myth, archaeology and film have appeared widely, including in Harper’s, The Paris Review, The Nation, frieze, The TLS, Apollo, 4Columns, and the London Review of Books blog. HerContinue Reading

Yesterday on Twitter, poet-translator Yasmine Seale announced: “I’m thrilled to be translating Tawq al-Hamama, the great book on love from medieval Cordoba—a jewel of observation and a window on the intimate life of Muslim Spain—for @LibraryArabLit. It survives thanks to a single manuscript. It has many poems.”Continue Reading

“Perhaps each iteration of the poem is a supplicant, yearning for a connection with Ibn Arabi’s original. Or perhaps each one is a lover, longing to see itself in another. Perhaps they are both.”Continue Reading

Elias Muhanna speaks with editor Paulo Lemos Horta, translator Yasmine Seale, and speculative fiction writer S. A. Chakraborty about the new translation of the 1001 Nights. Plus, a special reading by actor Marjan Neshat.Continue Reading