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Lit & Found: Yasmine Seale Translates Ibn Hazm

Yesterday on Twitter, poet-translator Yasmine Seale announced: “I’m thrilled to be translating Tawq al-Hamama, the great book on love from medieval Cordoba—a jewel of observation and a window on the intimate life of Muslim Spain—for @LibraryArabLit. It survives thanks to a single manuscript. It has many poems.”

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Translation’s Agitated Mirror

“Perhaps each iteration of the poem is a supplicant, yearning for a connection with Ibn Arabi’s original. Or perhaps each one is a lover, longing to see itself in another. Perhaps they are both.”

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Yasmine Seale to Translate Al-Khansa for LAL Series

The poetry of Al-Khansa (~575-646) has been little-translated, although notably it appeared in the slender and beautiful chapbook of reflections Loss Sings, by author and translator James Montgomery, one of the executive editors of the Library of Arabic Literature project.

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