Arguments and counter-arguments have been ongoing in Kuwait since the country’s Information Ministry banned “25” (or 35? or at least 100? more than 200?) titles from this year’s book fair, which started this past Wednesday.Continue Reading

Last night, a regular, (cherished, actually) reader emailed me something like the question above. In fact, the reader asked:

“…in the grand scheme of the literary festival kingdom, who is Kuwait? Do they even have any credibility as a festival anyway?”Continue Reading

Perhaps 25—or 35—books were newly censored from this year’s Kuwait Book Fair. (Twenty-five is the somewhat dubious number given out by Kuwait’s Ministry of Information. ANHRI said 35.) No, neither may seem like a lot. But somehow, these 25/35 books seem to have raised more eyebrows than the 230 titles banned in 2007, most of which I assume are still forbidden.Continue Reading