Live from the Abu Dhabi Book Fair

Well, not me. I’m not live from Abu Dhabi. Just live from Cairo, as usual.

But blogging from the fair, I’ve found:

Chad Post, of Three Percent and Open Letter Books, is back in Abu Dhabi and blogging. Says Post: “The UAE is an interesting place, filled with intrigue, excessive spending, and a few potential book proposals (man, did I ever come up with a good one tonight . . . )” More from him when the book fair begins.

Renee Stead, Reading Reneessance, has arrived and is blogging about it. She’s thus far talking about the East-meets-West customer service Emirati thing.

Edward Nawotka (editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives) writes on the book fair’s own blog. He was a bit stunned by the hail (and think how we felt in Cairo).

Katrina at ReadKutub has promised updates.

Author Bapsi Sidhwa has added information about when she’ll be available; perhaps she’ll post more. I enjoyed her Cracking India.

More to be added as I come across them…

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