Is It Possible to Translate a Book a Day?

I’m not quite sure about how to link to or feature “tweet reporting,” but post-grad translation student Saqer A was at the American University in Sharjah yesterday for the First Symposium on Translation & Interpreting: Translation in the UAE.

He tweeted interesting snippets throughout the event; I wanted to reproduce a few of them here.

On possibilities:

Hadeel Nassar presents Tarjim and Kalima project as a business model. Is it possible to translate a book a day? (link)

On the challenges children’s literature, and how to “keep it simple yet engaging”:

Noura Alnouman discusses Translating children’s #literature for Emirati Children. She mentions the challenges. (link)

Noura Alnouman presents the challenge of translating into Modern Standard #Arabic for children;how do we keep it simple yet engaging? (link)

Noura Alnouman: it is important to be a good reader and a good children’s writer to produce good translations for children’s literature. (link)

On drama:

Nuha Khamis discusses the challenges of translating Emirati dramatic texts. (link)

Nuha Khamis: Performability is important for translated dramatic texts, the playwright’s intentions should be explored. (link)

On theory:

Dr. Said Faiq: Translation can be used for politics, translation is not innocent, will never be innocent. (link)

Dr. Said Faiq mentions culguages, both culture and language as an intertwined concept. (link)

And on quality:

Dr Sattar Izwaini: Translation is not institutionalized in the UAE. No professional translation association. No set standards? (link)


  1. I don’t think they meant each individual would translate one book per day (Saqer A., correct me), but rather this would be a collaborative effort of many translators.

    Although that would be something, wouldn’t it? I don’t even think a single (mortal) being could do even a picture book every day, although maybe.

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