It’s June: Children’s Book Events Around Cairo

Don’t forget that children who read (especially in Arabic!) are smarter, prettier, happier, and all-around nicer than those who don’t. Or, well, at least smarter.

Other venues that have children’s book events are: Bookspot on Road 9 in Ma’adi, Diwan bookstores around Cairo (and now in Alex), and their events calendar is here. The Alef calendar seems to focus solely on grown-up events, but why not take your (older) child to see Ibrahim Abdel Meguid or Khairi Shalaby?


  1. Don’t forget Beta Books under Diwan on Road 9. Not as visually pleasing as Diwan but they have a great selection of young children’s books in Arabic.

  2. Maryanne,
    Had never heard of Beta Books. I’ll have to check it out this weekend. Thanks!

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